IonPOWDER: Ionenimplantationtechnologie und Coatings für Pulver

IONICS has developed with MATERIA NOVA’s engineers an innovative low-pressure plasma coating process to treat powders and loose parts.

The equipment allows powder’s surface treatment with :

  • Ion implantation with our ionGun2000 implantation system.
  • PVD and PECVD processes allowing new alloys with rare elements, core shells hybrid structure, nano structuration to reach enhanced properties of commercial low cost powders.

The innovation is supported by the Walloon Region through the WALIBEAM project which gathers major industrial actors in the fields of surface treatmentof glass, metal and polymer.

Main process advantages:

  • Low temperature surface treatment: bulk materials initial properties are preserved
  • No coatings: delamination is impossible as the material itself is modified in its depth.
  • Parts geometry respected: no machining resumption
  • Precise and localized surface treatment: process time and final technical performances optimized
  • Electrical conductivity is not necessary: any insulating materials might be treated
  • Environmental friendly dry process.


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