NANOXID paints and inks

NANOXID paints, varnishes and inks are designed for metal and glass coating. Some of the NANOXID products can also be used in other fields, e.g. for painting of ceramics, polymers, leather or textiles.

NANOXID products are so-called hybrid paints, which can be handled similar to organic varnishes, but excel in the brilliance of their colors, glass-like surface gloss and good adhesion.

According to different ways of paint application, IONICS has developed a wide range of paints.

The following table gives you an overview of our main products:

ProductColorSubstratesApplicationMain properties
NANOXID SC-E2C clear & color Metal spray easy-to-clean
NANOXID SC-ANO clear & color anodized aluminum spray sealing of anodized aluminum
NANOXID SC-ISOL transparent Metal spray elcectrical insulation
NANOXID SC-OPTIC transparent metal, glass spray optical performances
NANOXID SC-LUX clear & color metal spray/dip protection/decoration of luxury items
NANOXID CC-E2C clear & color metal coil coating easy-to-clean
NANOXID CC-ANO clear & color anodized aluminum coil coating sealing of anodized aluminum
NANOXID CC-OPTIC transparent metal coil coating optical performances
NANOXID SC-HT clear & color metal, glass spray high temperature resistance
NANOXID JET clear & color metal, glass, polymers,.. inkjet inkjet printing
NANOXID NCC color concentrates