HYTECHREV, combined sol-gel – plasma multilayer for advanced mechanical properties

The HYTECHREV project aims to develop an intelligent multilayer coating, based on sol-gel and plasma technologies, with enhanced mechanical and anti-corrosion properties.

At present, some mechanical components receive a surface treatment that has to meet both mechanical requirements (friction and wear) and the protection of the workpiece against corrosion. Electrolytic plating is commonly used for this type of application. However, the prohibition of hexavalent chromium makes it difficult to obtain the requested performances via electrolytic plating.

In respect to the two identified applications (damper rods and steering balls for cars).

The multilayer coating proposed by HYTECHREV project should be an alternative to traditional chromium six based electrolytic plating.


Project partners:

IREIS (France), CRM, Materia Nova, IONICS

The project is submitted to the Walloon Research Administration, DGO6, for funding.