Automotive and Transportation

Surface treatments are essential for manufacturing modern cars, trucks and their components, since the introduction of innovative materials and composites in automobile and truck manufacturing.

Transportation industry needs:

  • High performance and lightweight materials
  • Excellent long-term mechanical and/or aesthetic properties
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Safety and reliability

Traditional and new innovative materials used in cars and trucks, like metals, polymers, composites, wood, … often require specific and complex manufacturing operations and related surface treatments : Bonding and gluing with advanced adhesives formulation, painting and printing, varnishing, plating and coatings.

IONICS surface technologies will offer automotive designers and engineers new exciting possibilities and allow current and future challenges to be met for the transport industry.

Exemple of applications:

  • Metal plating for connectors
  • Antifingerprint coatings for interior trims
  • Powder and fiber functionalization for lightweight metal composites
  • Adhesion improvement of windshield on car body
  • Adhesion improvement of paint on composite or plastic pieces
  • EPDM profiles treatment
  • Activation of o-ring groove before bonding