Textiles, Fibers & Films

New textiles, fibers and film materials including polymers and advanced composites with new mechanical properties, such as strength and flexibility, with surface features like hydrophoby or oleophoby, help make it materials of choice to meet the demands from various industries such as packaging, medical or technical clothing.

Innovative surface pretreatments and finishes are key steps in improving dyeing, printing or bonding processes that become more difficult as the materials are complex. New high performance textiles, fibers, and films, as the demand is increasingy, need new high efficiency and high added value technologies to be processed.

IONICS surface technologies are designed to significantly improve the wettability of textile fibers, polymer films and even natural materials like leather or rubber and to allow new decorative finishes with sol-gel ink-jet solutions.

Exemples of applications:

  • Decorative and colored coatings and inks for textiles or leather
  • Plastic films activation with atmospheric plasma
  • Complex fibers wettability improvement
  • Pre-treatment technology to improve cleaning or bonding of leather materials