A lot is happening at IONICS Herstal !

The company announced in January 2018, the development of its Engineering Department in the Hauts-Sarts industrial zone. Today, together with his partners, IONICS is installing the first pilots for surface treatment by plasma and ion implantation. Here is a brief overview of the machines being installed (from left to right) :



  • The “ionPRO” vacuum system is a brand-new production line dedicated to the treatment of large flat parts and products from 1600 to 1800 mm  with speeds of  150 mm/s, well suited for industrial upscaling steps and small productions;
  • The “ionPOWDER”, an innovative low-pressure plasma coating process to treat powders and loose parts with PVD and/or implantation treatment;
  • The “ionLAB” equipment, a semi industrial system able to treat flat substrates up to 400 x 400 mm with a speed 200 mm/s.


The innovation is supported by the Walloon Region through the WALIBEAM project which gathers major industrial actors in the fields of surface treatment of glass, metal and polymer. 


If you want more details, we will be pleased to welcome you for a visit to our site in Herstal.


The IONICS team

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