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NANOCOLOR : transparent, colored, heat and UV resistant coatings

NANOXID: a broad range of decorative sol-gel coatings

Whether our customers are professional designers or enthusiastic product developers, they always look for coatings that give a great finish. IONICS proposes a huge range of quality products from the well-recognized NANOXID product family.

NANOXID combines the hardness and transparency of glass with the easy application of organic paints. It forms clear, hard and very thin coating of not more than 1 to 3 µm thickness and can be applied on nearly every substrate, like glass, metals, polymers, leather, textiles or ceramics. NANOXID is available in nearly every color in glossy, frosted or metallic appearance.Of course, it is also possible for our customers to mix their own color from color concentrates and clear or frosted media.

NANOXID stands the tests, which are used in cosmetic industry (L’Oreal test, cross cut, acetone and alcohol) as well as dishwashing tests in domestic dishwashing machines with very good results.The cured coating is nontoxic. NANOXID can be used for production of coatings according to the European standard for coatings on toys, EN 71-3.

NANOXID can be applied with traditional coating systems like dipping, spraying, roll-coating,… but is also available for ink-jet applications.