Cleaning & surface activation

Atmospheric plasma, a new opportunity for surface preparation 

Surface cleaning and activation is often a critical process step for a lots of industrial applications:
Traditional wet chemical cleaning processes are not always suitable and/or efficient, are less environment friendly and very often more expensive.Together with its industrial partners AcXys and BS Innoclean, as well as the scientific expertise of MATERIA NOVA, IONICS offers atmospheric pressure plasma solutions, including renting and sales of equipment’s, surface characterization, training, technical and process support as well as consultancy services for a very wide range of industrial applications:

  • Surface cleaning and activation of metal, glass, polymers and composites before painting or varnishing;
  • Surface preparation before UV inks or UV adhesives;
  • Nonwoven thin films treatment; surface functionalization for best gluing and printing of packaging materials (including paper and cardboard);
  • Membrane treatment before coil bonding;
  • Activation before screen printing;
  • Metal treatment before polymer spraying;
  • Surface treatment before bonding or marking on printed circuit boards;
  • Removal of metal from electrical circuits
  • Complex fibers wettability improvement

IONICS atmospheric plasma solutions are environmentally friendly and can be integrated in manufacturing processes, providing a cost-effective solution.