Walibeam Industrial Platform for Ion Implantation

What is Walibeam?

Walibeam is an equipment platform specifically designed to support the industrialization of the ion beam implantation process from the laboratory scale to the production phases, a set of industrial pilot tools available as Key Enabling Technologies (KET). The facilities are available for the realization of proof of concept, fundamental research, products and technical developments, process optimization and pre-production. This Walloon initiative is supported by several industrial partners in the fields of surface treatment of glass, metals, or alloys and polymers.

Each equipment is planned regarding a specific use: the process considered, the shape and nature of the materials to be treated and the technological level of maturity. In that respect, systems were manufactured.

The platform is managed by a team of expert technicians, engineers and scientists from IONICS and Materia Nova R&D center who will support your project along its development.  

ionLABTM series :

Laboratory scale equipment dedicated to the development of solutions and the realization of proof of concept. The core system is equipped with an ionGUNTM source and a XY table. An extra ionGUNTM or PVD source can be implemented on demand. More info ? Click here.

ionPOWDERTM series :

Laboratory scale equipment designed to treat powders, fibers, and small loose parts. The core system is equipped with an ionGUNTM source and a mixing bowl or barrel. A PVD source can be implemented on demand. More info ? Click here.

ionPROTM pilot line :

Semi-industrial production line dedicated to the treatment of large flat substrates. The system is equipped with five ionGUNTMs sources to ensure a homogeneous treatment. More info ? Click here.

ionR2RTM pilot line :

Semi-industrial reel to reel pilot line designed for the treatment of narrow bands and wires. More info ? Click here.


Market application

This ion implantation technology is potentially relevant for all markets (construction, automotive, appliances, packaging and specialties like solar, catalysis ...).
Currently, surface hardening of several materials (glass, metals or alloys, polymers) combined anticorrosion and low friction coefficient represents major short-term valorisation opportunities.


Type of partner sought

Industrial; Europe, Large and SME.

Industrial needs and potential collaborative scheme. 

If you need more information, please contact Fabian RENAUX : info@ionics-group.com.


Project Partners:



The project wasco-financed by the Walloon Research Administration, DGO6.    


More details on : www.walibeam.com