ionGUN: ion implanter

The ionGUN ion implantation system enhance the surface properties of any materials. Surface hardening, increased corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, are major effects observed on treated metals, glass, ceramics and polymers. Ion implantation technology is a cold physical cost effective and environmentally friendly low-pressure process. Potentially relevant markets are numerous : mechanical parts, engines, cutting tools, biomedical implant, technical glasses, luxury and design, elastomers,...
ionGUN, ECR (Electron Cyclotron Resonance) ion sources :
A micro-accelerator of particles generates a highly energetic ion beam penetrating and modifying the surface of materials to enhance their properties without any coating. The penetration depth might reach up to 10 microns and the treatment effects are still measurable until 1mm. Depending on the nature of the implanted ions and the process parameters, you may obtain nano hammering effect, doping effect, surface amorphisation, re-alloying, nano-structuring effect and even chemical modification if reactive gases are used. The part temperature never exceeds 80°C: a cold metallurgy. The technology might be combined with other low-pressure technologies like PVD and PECVD processes to obtain even more breakthrough properties and performances : surface preparation for hard coatings, cobalt depletion, enhanced adhesion,...

Main process advantages:

  • Low temperature surface treatment: any materials may be treated, even insulating and temperature sensitive ones with no bulk properties modification.
  • No coatings: the material surface itself is modified and enhanced
  • Environmentally friendly dry process


IONICS has a large equipment park available to lease for demonstration, feasibilities and production. Our engineering team can advise you. Co-development and projects with the Materia Nova R&D center to fine-tune your industrial solution is also possible. More Technical characteristics are available in the product datasheet below.

See also ion implantation information on the WALIBEAM website :