ionPROTM : Ion implantation industrial line

The ionPROTM vacuum system is a brand-new production line dedicated to the treatment of large flat parts and products with the innovative ion implantation technology developed by IONICS. Five Hardion ion guns arranged in line ensure the efficiency and homogeneity of the ion implantation treatment. The lock chamber is composed of two loading plates allowing a fluent semi continuous treatment in the process chamber. The treated surface area reached 1600x1800 mm with a maximum speed of 150mm/s. Well suited for industrial upscaling steps and small productions, the system is now operational. The system has been designed in collaboration with AGC, GRAUX and MATERIA NOVA.

Main process advantages:

  • Low temperature surface treatment: any materials may be treated, even insulating and temperature sensitive ones with no bulk properties modification.
  • No coatings: the material surface itself is enhanced
  • Environmental friendly dry process
  • Now available for lease, the system is managed by the IONICS highly competent team.