1945 : Foundation of « La Protection Métallique (LPM) »
Electroplating for the mechanical, electrical and metal transforming industry.

1996 : Foundation of TECLYSE SA
Precision galvanoplating for the electronic industry. It is the beginning of reel-to-reel plating.

1999 : Foundation of MECADIGIT SA
Electrolytic zinc plating for the local metal transforming industry

2001 : LPM and TECLYSE merge into the French group THERMO-TECHNOLOGIES.

2004 : All activities (LPM et TECLYSE) merge into a sole company « TECLYSE »

2004 : Foundation of NANOXID sprl, specialized in functional nano-coatings

2005 : TECLYSE becomes again an independent Belgian company.

2006 : Foundation of MATRIO-GROUP SA, which:
Takes over the entire activity of TECLYSE ;
Becomes majority shareholder of MECADIGIT SA, which is renamed MATRIO-GALVANO SA ;

2006: NANOXID moves to Liège and joins the MATRIO-GROUP SA

2013: NANOXID separates its commercial activities from MATRIO-GROUP SA

2014: MATERIA NOVA starts-up IONICS SA, which
takes over all activities of MATRIO-GROUP and NANOXID;
starts plasma treatment activities;

2016: IONICS acquired the French company QUERTECH, leader in surface treatment by ion implantation.

2019 : TECHNOCHIM and IONICS founded the ESIX company to commercialize nano-coatings. NANOXID sol-gel became COATIX.

The aim of IONICS is to become a leading company in functional surface treatments.