ionJETTM - A new atmospheric plasma torche for cleaning, activating and deposition processes

The ionJETTM is a new atmospheric plasma system based on microwave technologies. Unlike classical RF powered systems, the plasma is generated at the outlet of the torch tanks to an antenna. So, the energetic and active species are directly in contact with the surfaces without loss for a maximized effect.

Usable with air, oxygen, nitrogen or argon for specific applications, this plasma torch is particularly suited for the cleaning, activation and functionalization of inert materials like fluorinated polymers and silicon and for removing specific resistant surface pollution.  Efficient even at low power thanks to improved microwave technology and torch design, Ionjet is a low energy and gas consumption system: 500 w and 2 l/min. In function, the plasma torch is silent and can be used in industry or in a lab without any specific cautions or expensive facilities.  

Ongoing developments concern deposition processes of metallic thin layers using powders and wires.

ionJETTM is now available:

A system easy to manipulate and to integrate with:

  • Precise and efficient treatment thanks to higher density of active species
  • Operating with Air, Argon and other gas on demand
  • Handy and easy to integrate and use
  • Automation possible in option 

See below the ionJETTM system depositting a thin copper layer which enables the writing of IONICS. 



Ionics written with a coper layer