ionPOWDERTM : Ion implantation and coatings for powders

IONICS has developed with MATERIA NOVA’s engineers an innovative low-pressure plasma coating process to treat powders and loose parts.

The equipment allows powder’s surface treatment with :

  • Ion implantation with our ionGUN2000TM implantation system.
  • PVD and PECVD processes allowing new alloys with rare elements, core shells hybrid structure, nano structuration to reach enhanced properties of commercial low cost powders.


ionpowder2  ionpowder3


Main process advantages:

  • Low temperature surface treatment: bulk materials initial properties are preserved
  • Parts geometry respected: no machining resumption
  • Precise and localized surface treatment: process time and final technical performances optimized
  • Electrical conductivity is not necessary: any insulating materials might be treated
  • Environmental friendly dry process.