Adhesion problem ? Need to clean and activate your surface ?

Plasma surface cleaning, activation and functionnalization is more and more well known and used in industrial environnement. IONICS ionJET technology offers new opportunities to treat materials surface thanks to his microwave plasma, generated close to the substrate.


ionjet & torche
The ionJET plasma equipment can be adapted to your plasma processes. Efficient even at low power thanks to improved microwave technology and torch design, the ionJET equipment is a low energy and gas consumption system for small surfaces : 200/250/500W and 2 L/min. In function, the plasma torch is silent and can be used in industry or in a lab without any specific cautions or expensive facilities. The ionJET system is very effective for increasing the adhesion force of adhesives on different surfaces. Recent experiments show that the adhesion force of a UV curable materials can be doubled with a quick ionJET treatment. But, the ionJET can also eliminate adhesive residue on surfaces if needed for instance in the case of repairing expensive and delicate parts. Besides the ionJET equipment is very easy to handle : no need of vacuum or high power.

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