IONICS supplies plasma equipment, technologies and solutions to innovative compagnies. Plasma is an effective process to enhance any material surfaces with a very low environmental footprint.

We support your company throughout all the innovation steps : development of plasma sputtering (PVD/PECVD) and ion implantation processes, equipment designing and manufacturing, job coatings, production line integration and trainings.  We propose a comprehensive and customized service offer thanks to a global partnership.

Discover our equipment and technologies :

  • ionLAB and ionPRO for flat materials treatment
  • Plameco and ionPOWDER for loose parts and powders
  • ionJET for surface cleaning and activation (atmospheric plasma)
  • ionGUN, using ion implantation to enhance surface properties

Do you need vaccum parts ?

IONICS works in collaboration with the company ROBEKO to complete its range of products.

Do you see our surface treatment solutions ? Or do you need a completely new surface treatment ?

IONICS collaborates with MATERIA NOVA, R&D center, to develop new customized surface treatments and coatings. Surface cleaning and activation for enhanced adhesion, increased durability and efficiency for tools and mechanical parts, powder treatments for additive manufacturing, nonconductive materials metallization, all are available to your products.

What is plasma ? 

Plasma is an energetic gas phase composed of various excited species: ions, radicals, electrons and photons. The plasma is often considered as fourth state of the matter. Industrially, it allows to reproduce high energy demanding chemical and physical processes at room temperature. Any kind of materials could be treated: metal; ceramics, polymers, paper and textiles. From atmosphere to low pressure, plasmas are generated by Ionics technologies to develops innovative and effective surface treatments.

For more information, see our partner UMONS.


Discover our IONICS presentation for vacuum systems here.

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