OPDELECTUS : Optimization of electoplating processes for precious metals in order to reduce their thickness without changing the required properties

The Opdelectus project aims to decrease the gold and silver amounts electrodeposited on security connectors. Several technologies are studied. First, ultrasound systems and pulsed power supplies are considered to enhance the mechanical and corrosion resistance of the metallic layers. Better surface properties should allow to decrease the deposited thickness while retaining the same final performances. Our partner MATERIA NOVA oversees this aspect of the study.

TEST_Opdelectus_ionicsAmmonia test - Photos of gold deposits 0.3 μ made under US (/CD reference to Iso-thickness)

test_opdelectus_ionics2Left CD and right CP


In parallel, IONICS is in charge to set up and evaluate a new reel to reel spot deposition equipment. The capacity to deposit the layer exactly where we need is another approach to decrease the amount of metal used on surface.

Opdelectus also promotes more environmental technologies investigating cyanide free bathes for the silver deposition as developed in Edilco project.


If you need more information, please contact Fabian RENAUX : info@ionics-group.com.


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The project is co-financed by the Walloon Research Administration, DGO6.